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Organization/Business Partnerships

ForbesBlk Member

The mission of ForbesBLK is to champion a global community of Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders and creators that are driving systematic change in business, culture and society. Our community of exceptional leaders of color are breaking down barriers, creating more equitable economies and driving a new culture of connection, collaboration and change.

India holds the title of Grant Director/Development Associate at Darkness RISING Project, Inc.

Blue Diamonds
Cedrick Leggett
A Labor of HIS Love, INC.

India Easley, CEO of The Write Easley, LLC holds the title of Board President.

More about what the organization provides: 

They provide training and consulting services with peace of mind; to keep businesses evolving throughout the technological changes that benefit entrepreneurs, employees, and customers, as we continue to work towards continual stability and prosperity. We offer our Leadership Workforce Training and Development and Customer Service – One Choice – Mentorship/Cooking/Conversation services. They provide hands-on entrepreneurial experience for black youth, girls, women, and organizational leaders 11 – 25+. Participants will gain the cooking, mentorship, and life skills to build a life full of purpose and passion that is connected to a trade for themselves and their families for years to come.

Cedrick Leggett Consulting

India Easley, CEO of The Write Easley, LLC works very closely with Mr. Leggett and his company. India has attended his monthly Business and Trucking Seminar as the guest keynote grant writer and is scheduled to attend them on a routine basis to assist clients with finding those grant opportunities for their companies. 

A Little About Cedrick and his Company:

Cedrick helps entrepreneurs start-up Hot Shot Businesses (Hauling Cars Or Flatbed Freight) while making profits and stay in loaded consistently.

They have a combined total of over 40 years of experience in managing multiple trucking companies to keep them compliant, bookkeeping, accounting, audits, paperwork, administrative, etc. They are fueled by our passion for understanding the needs of truck drivers. They take a lot of pride in serving trucking owners. It’s not about serving only; it’s about building solid relationships with her clients. They believe that effective communication, organization, respect for each other, and integrity are all key ingredients to a recipe for success in this business as well as any other business. Their passion for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his most recent success on DOT, MC, FMCSA, IFTA, IRP audits, and much more.

A Labor of HIS Love, Inc.

India Easley, CEO of The Write Easley, LLC holds a seat as a Board Member as well as Partner of Grant Writing & Business Planning.

More about their mission: 

A Labor of HIS Love, Inc. has a humble starting, it was originated in 2008 by Doreen Malcolm CEO/Founder. She began by providing fellowship breakfasts within her home, fostering the meaning behind the organization's name; It was truly a labor of love. Services included prepared meals and a platform for participants to engage in a warm familial setting to discuss various issues pertaining to love, life skills, and social and economic issues. This process fostered strong communal bonds that provided encouragement to assist with overcoming their barriers.

The organization has since evolved and assists at-risk youth, marginalized women, and young adults locally, nationally, and globally. Having adopted a school in Lucea, Jamaica (Merlene High School); apart from the outreach of this organization is that we provide bibles and school supplies for the students and teachers. A Scholarship program has been organized to help cover the cost of uniforms, transportation fares, and school supplies for students in need. One of our goals is to provide services like this globally. We have developed creative ways for engagement; an example is the fully catered 2- day faith-based women’s retreat that offers mentorships, workshops, and breakout sessions. Our ultimate goal is to foster relationships that can offer encouragement, empowerment, and education.

Brakin Out

Brakin Out, Inc.

India Easley, CEO of The Write Easley, LLC has been brought on the team as a Board Member and Business Development.

More about their mission:

We have a simple but robust mission: To elevate our disadvantaged youth by offering them a second chance through mentorship and reclamation. We aim to rebuild hope where it's been damaged or lost. With this in place, it will provide the youth with a sense of hope. Knowing that somebody is out there that really care and want the best for them. We firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child. If we work on creating the most well equipped society; we can illuminate so many problems.​​ We have programs for all of Tampa Bay - Riverview, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, Plant City, & beyond.  

Galaxy Logo
Black Biz Colorado
Denver Black Pages

Galaxy Directory

Find us on the Galaxy Directory. The largest directory of minority and women-owned businesses.

Black Biz Colorado

The Write Easley, LLC is a member and partner with Black Biz Colorado. More about their cause is below.

In order to pool our money together, we have to circulate it in OUR community—Buy Black, sell to all. And in order to circulate our money in our community, we NEED Black-owned businesses in which we can circulate our money. That’s where Black Biz Colorado plays its part. We are helping to BUILD a strong Black business foundation in which to circulate the dollar within the Black community. Once established, the Black business foundation will be an economic launching point for the Black community to start accumulating wealth and resources. These will enable us to buy the changes we need to survive and to THRIVE in “the system,” while curing ourselves of the issues that have plagued us for far too long.

Denver Black Pages

The Write Easley, LLC is listed within this directory as one of the local businesses in Denver. was created by Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions (IIMS), a Black, woman-owned company. IIMS and the advertisers/sponsors of this website are dedicated to the development and growth of Denver’s Black Community.  Our goal is simple – to assist business owners to market their goods, services, and events to Denver Metro’s Black residents and visitors.


Official Black Wall Street

The Write Ealsye, LLC is now listed on one of the largest platforms for black-owned businesses.

Black Connections

Black Connection

The Write Easley, LLC is a member and listed on the Black Connections directory.


A little about Black Connections : our main objective is to foster support and love in the black community; to focus on putting our community first at all times. Our belief is that while anyone can buy from us, it is in our best interests as a community to purchase from only our community-owned companies where possible. We believe that it is time for our community to change the narrative, to keep our money amongst ourselves, to build up our endeavors from the inside. Black Connections was started to unite the community through uplifting businesses, people, and families. We wanted an active forum that is busy every day promoting and supporting everything black, from businesses to organizations, to community events. Black Connections wants to offer you the opportunity to have your business, event, or networking endeavors shared among the community and those like-minded, non-black supporters therein.


Better Business Bureau

The Write Easley, LLC is a member and accredited by the BBB since November of 2021 and houses an A+ rating.

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