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Below you will be able to view all of the services we offer to our clients. 

*Don't see a service you need? Please message us and we will be able to assist you with your specific need!

Bronze-Diamond Grant Packages

2-1 Package

(Business Plan & Grant Proposal Combo)

Starter Package

(Business Filing, EIN number, DUNS number, Business Plan, Grant Proposal, and 5 grants

Single Grant Application

3-1 Package

(Business Plan, Grant Proposal & (5) Grants)

Completion of Documents for Grant Package

UEI & Registration

Grant Proposal

Mentoring Packages


Business Plan

10 Year Financials

Nonprofit Organization Bylaws

Partnership Letters

Business Cards

Service Agreements

Sponsorship Letters


Cover Letter

Wholesale Agreements

Blog Articles

Buyers Order Template


Business Entity Filings

Website Creation

Business Brochures

Capabilities Statement

Press Release

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