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Explore Our Founder's Interviews 

Watch the many interviews that our Founder India K. Easley has had the opportunity to participate in. Learn more about our process, our services, and what all grant writing entails. and India K. Easley 

During this video, india discusses the many things that are misunderstood about grant writing and the entire process. 

Black Wall Street ONLINE, LLC Interview

During this interview - India converses with Juanita about how she created The Write Easley, LLC and why she chose to become an entrepreneur. India also shines light on The Write Easley, LLC and our many services.

All Start College Coaching Presents Little Known Black Careers

During this interview - India converses with a panel of other entrepreneurs and professionals who have chosen the path that was least followed. This event featured guest speakers from Engineering, Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Administrators, Brokers, and many more. The guest speakers provided information on how they have advanced in their careers and what resources could help them achieve their career goals, including scholarship and internship opportunities.

Boss Lady Networking Event

Missed our live event? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Dive into this exclusive recording from our recent Boss Lady Networking Event held via Zoom, where dynamic women leaders converged to empower each other and gain valuable insights on securing grants. In this video, you'll experience the highlights of our engaging gathering, featuring a special guest speaker sharing invaluable tips and strategies for navigating the world of grants. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a nonprofit leader, or a professional aiming to make a difference, this recording is packed with inspiration and actionable advice just for you!

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