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Explanation of Grant Writing Process After Items Have Been Received

We work on the research portion of the process as soon as we receive ALL documents that we have requested from the client. We cross-reference all documents and information pertaining to the business or organization and ensure it meets the requirements of what the grant will fund. After we ensure all items are parallel - we do another set of research to double-check the information sent over from the client and to also make a final decision on whether or not that said the grant is still a great choice for the business and/or organization. Once that is completed and we have found ALL grants the client meet requirements for - we then apply to those grants on your behalf. *We will not apply to any grants until we have found ALL that satisfy your package size*

Once the package has ended - we then send over an “end of grant writing package” email and that email houses a PDF. Within that PDF document are the names of each grant we applied to, the amounts of each grants or the amount of funding we requested on your behalf, and the determination dates if one was given. *Note: not all grants give a determination at the end of the application but, if one was given then we will include that date.*

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