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Conversation Between Colleagues

Grant Writing Disclaimer

Each client is different and you cannot base someone else’s experience on what you wish yours to be. Everyone’s experience will be different with grants based upon their advancement within their business and/or organization. Some clients have more documents and more information to include in the applications than others. Some businesses are just starting out so their process will be different based on the grants applied. One client may receive $25,000 worth of grants sooner than another client. That is not a cause to get discouraged. It is not feasible to compare the processes between one another. Each business and organization will be different and the route we take to work with each and every one of you is also different.

Approved grants are beyond the control of any professional writer, and actually, the responsibility would be on YOU as the business owner to ensure the pitch is successful! The writer isn't the person who has to follow through on the project - the owner or executive director does. The writer isn't the one even contracted to fulfill any need within the business/organization. They are seemly just the writer to depict your mission statement, vision, purpose, and programs/services within your targeted market.

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